Keeping Your Jewelry Looking New

Jewelry has always been a hot commodity among shoppers. But while it’s generally fashionable and works as an accessory for many outfits, choosing the right piece of jewelry to fit your (or someone special’s) style can be a challenge. Not only that, once you procure a piece from a jewelry seller, you’ll need to ensure that it maintains its sparkle and luster forever (or until you choose to relinquish it to a gold buyer).

There are many methods to ensure that your rings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces will exist long after you wear them, Porcello Estate Buyers suggests a few:

When it comes to cleaning jewelry, the best method is with an ammonia and water combination, which can easily be done at home. Since the commercial solutions on the market generally contain ammonia and water as their main ingredient, you can easily go the cheaper route and make your own jewelry cleaning solution at home. The results will be the same and you’ll have the satisfaction of doing your own DIY project.

If you own gold or silver jewelry be sure to take it off when you shower, sleep or submerse that area of your body in water. By just taking a few easy, precautionary steps you will prevent the jewelry from tarnishing faster. Ensuring that your jewelry will continue to sparkle and gleam.

Maintaining the look and quality of your watches and jewelry isn’t as difficult as you may have been led to believe and the benefits easily outweigh the efforts. Not only will your jewelry look amazing on you, but it’s much easier to convince someone of the value of your jewelry when you sell it when it doesn’t look like it’s of poor quality.

If you happen to have a piece of gold or jewelry that you wish to part with, you can rest assured that Porcello Estate Buyers can give you the price you deserve! We proudly serve and have locations in the Seattle, Bellevue areas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the Palm Springs, Indian Wells areas. Come on by and see how much you could get for selling your old gold, jewelry and watches!