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From Rolex to Breitling, Porcello Estate Buyers has been a trusted watch buyer for more than three generations. Whether you have a Breitling, Movado, or a Cartier, or Patek Phillippe. Porcello Estate Buyers has been buying watches from Chicago to Seattle, Los Angeles to Miami

Watch Buyers

Porcello's has been offering the most cash for watches for 3 generations.

Our system was designed to ensure the security of your items. We use bar coded tamper evident bags to secure your items. These bags CANNOT be opened after they have been closed.

How It Works


Call us at one of our many locations or call us toll free at 1-800-317-5510 to request a shipping envelope and bar coded tamper evident bag.
Once you have recieved the tamper evident bag, place your gold coins, gold scraps, or other unwanted gold into the bag. CONFIRM everything is in the bag!
Document your gold items on the bag, and fill out the information on the front of the bag.
Insert the tamper evident bag in the pre-addressed & INSURED shipping envelope.
Once the bag is recieved we will confirm the tracking numbers. After the items have been documented we will photograph the items. We will then send YOU a picture of your items SEALED in the condition that you sent them.
After you have CONFIRMED that these are your items IN the condition you sent, will we quote you a rough estimate. BEFORE THE BAG IS EVEN OPENED!
IF YOU AGREE TO THE PRICE, then we will open the bag.
Your items will then be tested for value.
After determining the value, we will contact you with the final price and issue you a check.

Receive a Quote

If you want maximum cash for your gold and silver jewelry, tell us about your items and send us a clear high resolution image.

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Our Locations

  • Bellevue, Washington
    10222 NE 8th St
    10:00AM - 5:00PM (PST)
    Monday thru Saturday
    Phone: 425-454-2300
  • Chicago, Illinois
    150 N Michigan Ave, Ste 821
    By Appointment Only
    Phone: 312-372-4200
  • Los Angeles, California
    640 S. Hill Street #258
    By Appointment Only
    Phone: 310-770-9466
  • Palm Springs, California
    471 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way #471B
    Monday thru Saturday
    By Appointment Only
    Phone: 760-272-6978