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Gold & Silver Coin Price Guide

$1.00 U.S. Gold $70 to $5,000
$2.50 U.S. Gold $75 to $5,000
$3.00 U.S. Gold $300 to $7,500
$4.00 U.S. Gold up to $100,000
$5.00 U.S. Gold $70 to $5,000
$10.00 U.S. Gold $120 to $10,000
$20.00 U.S. Gold $250 to $15,000
$20.00 High Relief up to $25,000
$1.00 Silver (pre-1936) up to $10,000
50¢ Silver (pre-1965) up to $1,000
25¢ Silver (pre-1965) up to $750
10¢ Silver (pre-1965) up to $150

Porcello’s Promise:
We will meet or beat any legitimate written offer!
Must be an offer to buy, not an estimate of an item.

Porcello Estate Buyers is proud to be a family-owned and operated gold and estate jewelry buyer. For three generations we have provided professional jewelry appraisals, watch repair services, and unmatched expertise in the jewelry, gold, diamond, coin and art buying industry.

Porcello Estate Buyers offers unrivaled standards of customer service and unwavering commitment to providing fair and honest cash prices. Give us a call today for a free appraisal on your items and see why we’ve earned the loyalty of so many customers.

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Selling your Diamonds can be a very hard to do. However, not when your are working with Porcello Estate Buyers. We are the top experts in the diamond field and will show why your diamond has the value it does. 



The silver jewelry, scrap silver or silver coins you may have sitting around your house could offer a fair profit when you sell them to Porcello Estate Buyers.



Porcello Estate Buyers offer top prices on cash for Crystal Art, China Collections, Jewelry, and other luxury glass items. 



Right now is one of the best times ever to sell your watch and Porcello Estate Buyers will appraise and buy your watch at the highest value.


Old jewelry of all kinds might be worth a lot more than you thought. Call today Porcello Estate Buyers will appraise and buy your jewelry at the highest value.



Porcello Estate Buyers have been in the art dealer business for over 50 years. We have bought and sold exquisite art from around the world such as Faberge Eggs, Peter Max footballs, signed autographs from famous people and historic events. Contact us to get an appraisal of your masterpiece.

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